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DEADLINE→12/11/2017 21:00(JST)


A clutch bag with embroidered design.
It can be used also as a shoulder bag.
A must have item to waving hand fans in the air all together during the new song!
The printed side is made in cloth.


Hanafuda style pierce made in acrylic.

■花鳥風月"Katyou Fugetsu" Photo Book→JPY2,000


PHOTO BOOK by KOUKI&HIKARU.Including 50 pages.

●If you spend more than 5,000 yen this time,you can get a 歌舞台“Uta Butai”


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[Terms of Use]

RINethics Inc. (the “Company”) sets out the following Terms of Use (these “Terms”) regarding the use of the services it provides.

Article 1: Definition
- 1. “ID Service,” which is one of the services the Company provides, shall mean the service that provides a unique ID for each User regarding the use of the service for the sale of goods, etc. that the Company specifies (the “Individual Services”). The ID Service enables the Users to cross-sectionally use the Individual Services for various artists under a single ID without needing to register personal information and other information for each Individual Service.
- 2 “User” shall mean an individual who accesses the websites that provide the ID Service and the Individual Services (collectively referred to as the “Services”).
Article 2: Matters to Be Observed when Using the Services
- 1. These Terms provide for the conditions, etc. regarding the provision of the Services. The matters set forth under these Terms must be observed when using the Services. Users of the Services shall be deemed to have agreed to the provisions of these Terms.
- 2. In addition to the provisions set forth in these Terms, notices published on the registration screen of the ID Service and any other information, notifications, communication, and announcements that the Company provides in regards to the Services shall constitute these Terms.
- 3. The Company may notify Users about the handling of the Services and other information relating to the Services by means of announcements on the website or electronic mail.
Article 3: Registration
- 1. Users shall agree to provide certain information about themselves to the Company when completing the procedures for the provision of an ID.
- 2. Users must register true and accurate information in order to be provided with the ID. In addition, whenever there are any changes in the registered information, Users must promptly complete the procedures to change the information in accordance with the methods specified by the Company.
- 3. If a User falls under any of the following cases, the Company may refuse to accept the request to provide an ID:
- (1) The User enters false information or nickname and other incorrect and inaccurate information when completing the registration.
- (2) It is judged that an individual is assuming the identity of another person when registering.
- (3) The payment method entered is not verified or valid.
- (4) The User violates these Terms or the terms of any of the services that the Company provides or any other terms of use of the Company in the past.
- 4. If the User is a minor, he or she must obtain the consent of their statutory agents (such as the persons who have parental authority) without fail before agreeing to and accepting these Terms. When the User agrees to and accept these Terms, the Company may deem that his or her statutory agents have given their consent.
Article 4: Fees
- 1. The ID Service shall be provided without charge; provided, however, that the Users shall bear the costs and expenses for the preparation of communications equipment, contracts with providers, provider service fees, and the establishment and maintenance of the other communications equipment and environment necessary for connecting to the networks.
- 2. For details about the usage fees for the Individual Services, please see the websites, etc. for the corresponding Services.
Article 5: Management of IDs and Passwords
- 1. Each User shall keep and manage his or her ID and password information at his or her own responsibility, and pay full attention to prevent theft, leakage, and other incidents.
- 2. When a User ID and password is entered and a service of the Company is purchased or used under the entered ID, the Company shall deem that act to have been conducted by the User who registered the ID information unless act is attributable to the Company.
Article 6: Personal Information of Users
- 1. The Company shall use the personal information provided by Users, including names, addresses, and electronic mail addresses, within the scope of the following purposes. The Company shall not use this information beyond the said purposes without the individual consent of Users or unless otherwise specifically provided for under laws:
- (1) Provide the Services and respond to any inquiries, investigations, etc. relating to Services.
- (2) Provide information and notices about products and services of the Company (such as the distribution of e-mail magazines, etc.), and request the cooperation of Users in questionnaires and other research.
- (3) Analyze the state of use of the Services and other purposes.
- 2. The Company will not provide the personal information of Users to a third party unless expressly indicated in these Terms and except for the following cases:
- (1) Disclosure is required under laws and regulations.
- (2) Disclosure is requested by a person with legal authority.
- (3) Disclosure is unavoidable to protect the rights of the Company or a third party from an urgent or wrongful infringement, or to recover the rights of the Company or a third party.
- (4) It is judged that disclosure to contractors is necessary for business operations.
- (5) Personal information is provided to the transferee of the business relating to the Services when the business is transferred to a third party by way of business succession or any other means.

Article 7: Prohibition of the Transfer, etc. of IDs
1. Users shall not transfer or lend their IDs to other individuals or otherwise allow other individuals to use their IDs.

2. The ID Service is provided to Users for use of the Individual Services as individuals, and may not be used for commercial or business purposes.

Article 8: Regarding Inquiries
Contact or inquiries regarding the Services must be made in accordance with the methods the Company separately specifies under the Individual Services. No response will be given to contact or inquiries made by any means other than the specified methods. In addition, depending on the nature of the contact or inquiry, it may not be possible to provide an individual response.

Article 9: Suspension of Use, etc.
If any of the following cases or User acts occurs, the Company may suspend the use of the ID of the User or erase the information regarding the ID of the User. In this case, if the User has multiple IDs, the actions described in the preceding sentence may be taken for all the IDs of that User:

- (1) Violation of these Terms or improper use.
- (2) Acts against laws and regulations (laws, treaties, cabinet orders, ordinances, or any other designations, as well as rules which publicly bind the Users), acts against public order and morals, acts which may violate these laws, etc., or acts which induce or encourage illegal acts.
- (3) Acts which infringe on the rights of a third party (including but not limited to privacy rights and copyrights).
- (4) Collection and accumulation of the personal information of third parties.
- (5) Slander and intimidation of a third party and any other acts that instill fear in a third party.
- (6) Obscene, discriminatory, violent, grotesque, and other improper expressions and any other acts that cause discomfort to a third party.
- (7) Acts that kindle discriminatory sentiment and hatred about race, ethnicity, gender, religion, and other attributes or acts that may lead to such a state.
- (8) Business activities (including but not limited to solicitation), political activities such as preliminary campaigns for election, and religious activities such as missionary activities.
- (9) Inducing a third party to distribute chain mail or take part in other similar acts.
- (10) Pretending to be the Company or its group companies, entrusters, artists, contractors, and other parties concerned.
- (11) Acts which cause an unreasonable burden on the servers for the Services and acts which hinder the use of any other Users.
- (12) Transmission of information containing computer viruses and other harmful computer programs.
- (13) Improper use or alteration of data regarding the Services.
- (14) Notices and reports to the Company that are false or cause misunderstanding.
- (15) Any other acts that hinder or may hinder the operation of the Services.
- (16) Slander and defamation of the services, products, and other things that the Company provides.
- (17) Loan, transfer, and provision as security of IDs and passwords to a third party; access to a site which the Company operates for the purpose of changing a name, permitting use by a third party, or for any other commercial purposes.
- (18) Trade for value in articles, etc. obtained through use of the Services (including the resale and Internet auction thereof).
- (19) Use of information, works, etc. provided under the Services for any purpose other than the Users' own personal use, and the reproduction and publication of the information, etc. for the public inside and outside the networks.
- (20) Wrongful acquisition of data regarding the Services or the disclosure of this data to a third party.
- (21) Any other acts which the Company deems to be inappropriate in light of the purposes of the Services.
- (22) The Company judges that there is uncertainty regarding the credibility of the Users.
- (23) Delay in payment, failure to pay, and delinquency in payment of the usage fees and other charges for the products and services purchased by using the Individual Services.
Article 10: Intellectual Property Rights
- 1. Unless otherwise specifically indicated, all the programs, software, trademarks, and trade names which constitute the Services or intellectual property rights and other rights relating to all of the technologies incidental to the Services shall be vested in the Company or the third parties with a legitimate right.
- 2. Any information obtained through the use of the Services shall not be copied, published, broadcasted, communicated to the public, or otherwise used in a manner beyond the extent of personal use without the prior express permission of the Company or a third party with a legitimate right.
- 3. If the Company incurs any damage resulting from information provided by the Users through use of the Services, the Users shall be liable for the damage incurred by the Company.
Article 11: Suspension and Discontinuation of the Services
- 1. The Company may, at its own discretion, temporarily stop or suspend all or part of the Services without giving Users prior notice if any of the following cases apply:
- (1) Equipment and systems for the Services are maintained, inspected, and renewed periodically or when there is an urgent need to do so.
- (2) It is difficult to provide the Services due to fire, power outage, natural disaster, and other acts of God.
- (3) It is otherwise necessary for the Company to temporarily stop or suspend the Services for operations or for technical purposes, or if the Company judges it difficult to provide the Services due to unforeseen circumstances.
- 2. The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantages and damage that Users or third parties incur due to the temporary stoppage or suspension of the provision of the Services for any reason.
Article 12: Warranty and Responsibilities
- 1. The Company shall not warrant the accuracy, integrity, usefulness, and reliability of the Services.
- 2. The Company shall not be liable for any damage to Users or third parties due to the provision, delay in, change, discontinuation, cessation, suspension, or abolition of the Services, the leakage of information and other data provided, or any other incidents related to the Services.
- 3. If any User causes damage to a third party through the use of the Services, the User shall address this damage at its own cost and responsibility, and shall not cause damage to the Company. If a User causes damage to the Company through an act that violates these Terms or a wrongful or illegal act, the Company may demand adequate compensation for damage from the User.
Article 13: Termination of the Services
- 1. The Company may terminate the provision of the Services upon a notice or announcement to the Users. In this case, a notice or announcement shall be sent to the registered e-mail address by electronic mail or published on the website for the Services.
- 2. As a result of completing the procedures described in the preceding Paragraph when terminating the provision of the Services, the Company shall not be liable to the Customers in any way other than the matters provided for under laws and regulations.
Article 14: Amendments to these Terms
- 1. The Company may amend these Terms at its own discretion. In addition, when a User uses the Services after these Terms have been amended, the Company shall deem the User to have agreed to the amendments made to these Terms.
- 2. The Company shall not be liable in any way for any disadvantage or damage incurred by Users as a result of amendments to these Terms.
Article 15: Governing Law and Validity
- 1. The interpretation of these Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
- 2. If any part of these Terms is deemed to be invalid under the mandatory provisions of the consumer-protection laws and regulations and any other mandatory provisions, the other parts shall be valid to the maximum extent that does not conflict with those provisions.
Article 16: Dispute Resolution
If a dispute occurs between a User and the Company in relation to the Services, efforts shall be made to resolve the dispute through negotiation. If the dispute cannot be solved through negotiation, it shall be referred to the competent court.

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